A 1000 abs and 325 push-ups EVERY Sunday until the end of the year

Written by Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest

November 17, 2021

What led me to commit myself to doing a 1000 abs (with one 25 pound dumbbell) and 325 half way push-ups until December 31st? Well, all started this morning as I was getting myself ready to go workout on the track. After a little change in our family planning, I opted to do a little home workout instead.

Did I honestly thought I would use the next hour doing abs and push-ups? NOT even close.

So what happened to my mind between warming up and picking the #1000?

Once I finished my warm-up, I told myself I will be doing a few push-ups and a good core workout in replacement of what I had in mind to do outside. But then, out of nowhere, the number 1000 popped up in my mind as if it was telling me “you got to do a thousand Martine, nothing less”. Was I dreaming or was I really about to do a 1000 abs? And because I am one of those people who likes to challenge herself, I chose to include push-ups in my already pretty cool goal (of course it always depends of your definition of cool, lol!).

I chose to use a 25 pounds weight because I knew if I did not have any weight or a lighter weight I would not push myself like I did. Before starting, I decided to do my sets, 50 abs and 25 push-ups; write them down (don’t want to lose count) and get back to it. No time to waist, I knew it would take me a minute or two to do this whole thing, lol.

However, after my fourth set, I told myself, it’s going to take me forever if I keep that 50 abs pace at the time, let’s do 100 each set now, and the rest is history.

Still, beside the personal challenge of doing this whole workout once to committing myself to doing that workout EVERY Sunday until the last day of December, it can easily be seen as overdoing it. Again tough, all depends of your own perception of “overdoing things”.

Let’s be frank for a minute.

We’re entering the Holiday season which is where most people go through some personal dilemmas.

Some people have been attempting to lose weight all year long and for whatever reasons, their goal has not really materialized itself. Others have been dealing with different life matters that has been plaguing their mind and the last thing they are wanting to think about is taking care of themselves.

In truth, NO MATTER your situation, I want to challenge you.

I want to inspire you and help you set a goal, however small or big, that you will also do EVERY Sunday until the end of the year.

You choose your own physical or mental challenge. Maybe for you its squats, running, mediation, reading, or even writing a book or something even bigger. The goal is that you use EVERY Sunday as a springboard to your own motivation, to your own life goals.

Things have been shaky in these last two years, but committing yourself to something that you actually care about can definitely help you see the end of the year a little bit differently.

For me, 1/4 is about pushing myself into a new playground of capabilities. Another 1/4 is to be the light in someone else day. And 2/4 is for those who are NO LONGER with us because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These people are not able to do my challenge. They are not able to even have the opportunity to sit and think if they are wanting to even give it a shot.

As you are reading this, there is a chance you too have lost someone who was dear to you. I know I did and she was an AMAZING lady who I know if she was still present today, she would be laughing at my challenge and tell me I’m nuts. Because of her and all the people who has left this earth way too soon in these last two years, I am committing myself to doing 1000 abs (with a 25 pounds weight) and 325 half push-ups EVERY Sunday until December 31st.

Call me on it. Ask me about it. It’s all good with me.

Let’s finish the year as mentally strong as we can. Let’s encourage one another and support one another. You GOT THIS and so am I!!!

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