Fasting On Negativity: A Guide Worth Reading

Written by Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest

June 14, 2022

I was very excited to write this new article. I had the opportunity to have a powerful conversation less than a month ago with a client of mine. Each time this client and I speak with one another, we dive into some interesting and meaningful talks.

But this time, it was different. What we talked about was initiated from a conversation she had with her son earlier that day. Or should I say, a discussion he had with her.

To make a long story short, her son told her whatever what was bothering her when she called him that morning will have to take a back seat because he was FASTING ON NEGATIVITY.

When she mentioned the ins and outs of their conversation, I couldn’t help but be fixated on those three little words; fasting on negativity. It started a whirlwind of creativity in my mind. Now, here we are, a month later, with what I personally believe will be a useable guide for all of those who are either “negativity bringers”, “negativity attractors”, or someone who is simply interested in learning more about those new perspectives.

Ready? Let’s get to it shall we.

Fasting on negativity: What is Fasting on Negativity?

You may be familiar with the fasting concept where some people choose to not eat or drink after a certain time or during a specific period of time. Well, fasting on negativity can be seen as a similar framework; the only difference is instead of avoiding the consumption of certain food or drinks, a person would choose to abstain themselves from being involved with anything or anyone that can potentially bring negativity around them.

When you’re choosing to fast on negativity, you consciously choose not to entangle yourself in anything that can put negative emotions into your mind. In fact, you’re refusing to play that game because you know, way too well, the short and long-term effect it can have on your mental, emotional, and physical health, and you’re no longer willing to take such risks.

When you’re fasting on negativity you don’t want to hear about so and so who decided to make their lives a living hell.

When you’re fasting on negativity you don’t want to be bombarded with your co-worker’s long list of why they don’t like the company they voluntarily chose to work for or any colleagues who don’t seem to agree with their every word.

When you’re fasting on negativity, you attempt NOT to allow yourself to slip back into your own negative ways. In fact, someone who is fasting on negativity chooses to intentionally catch themselves IF they’re seeing themselves slip off. They may smile a little more on those fasting days or may even act a little “overboard” (yet that is subjective of course) as it is a way for them to pump themselves up and/or remind themselves they don’t need all that negativity nonsense that many people either want or allow in their lives.

Fasting on negativity is, first and foremost, a personal choice. Something that someone needs to consciously agree on, wants to embrace, and display through their own thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Fasting on negativity is not something that can be imposed on you because if it is forced, it won’t last, it won’t be genuine, which means those around you will sooner or later going to see through your fake fasting shenanigans.

Fasting on negativity: How do I know if I am a “negativity bringer”?

You’re a “negativity bringer” when everything you’re saying is wrapped in a negative tone and/or undertone. When you’re not able to make a sentence without saying “I can’t do this”; “It’s way too hard, I can’t finish this”; “Why am I having to do this, I never been good at that”; etc.

You’re a negativity bringer when the words you choose never uplift you nor those around you. You spend so much time putting yourself and/or others down that long gone were the times where you even attempted to question why you spoke bad about yourself in the first place. You’ve been so used to negatively critic your every move and thoughts that you no longer see the use to learn new approach to different perspectives. You’ve come accustom to “abusing” your own self. Your mind has shifted into another gear, a level that is unhealthy and unappealing to those who are wanting to see you strive forward.

You’re a negativity bringer when you make the choice to downplay your own importance and/or the importance of others. When you spend all your time telling people why you have never amounted to anything or why you’ll never be anything special because there is nothing special about you and/or about the way you think. The same goes if you say similar remarks to others, you’re a negativity bringer.

You are a “negativity bringer” when you behave as if you were THE person knowing it all with your crystal glass ball telling everyone what they should or shouldn’t do but without putting that same intensity onto yourself. In fact, you’ve not yet realized the damages you’re actually inflicting onto yourself and those you’re talking to when you’re behaving that way.

But if you do know exactly what you are doing (which, in my opinion, would be even more troublesome if that is the case) and continue to act as such for the simple fact it brings you satisfaction to see others suffer, then you’re not only a “negativity bringer” but also someone I am choosing to not elaborate on because I consider that type of behavior a totally messed up way of acting — but I also know, if that is you, you won’t be reading my work, too much positivity for you, LOL!!


Fasting on negativity: How do I know if I am a “negativity attractor”?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you’re not able to catch a break? What I mean is, at times, it is like there’s always something negative happening in your life, one negative thing after another. No sunshine in your horizon, but you can clearly see the rain, the thunder, and the lightnings hitting your every move.

If it sound a little bit familiar, you may be a “negativity attractor”. I know, it does not feel good to read this or to even think of yourself as such, but I would like you to read a little bit further to grasp what I mean by “negativity attractor”.

There are those who don’t necessarily fall into being negative people per se, but one thing that often follows them around are people who easily find excuses, who are somewhat never really committed to anything because of all sorts of reasons, who talk negatively about themselves and/others; and who often see no particular reasons in improving themselves or even encouraging and supporting those who want to better themselves. When those people are around a “negativity attractor” it just so happens that it’s going to rain around that person eventually.

When you start analyzing your “environment”, you soon realize you have a good amount of these people in your life. You interact with them at work, in family events, in other social events, and wherever your attention lays on. As if you’re unable to look elsewhere; you’re a magnet for these people and they know it.

Despite your best effort to “tranquilize” a situation, waves keep coming at you, one way or another. In fact, you’ve probably hit the HELP button a few times but to no avail. Your environment is not equipped with safety measures because you are around people who are in panic, excuses, and negativity mode — and when that occur, none of them can help you.

Now, let’s be clear here, what I am saying is not a knock upon those type of people, but an explanation of what can happen if we consciously and constantly surround ourselves with such company.

With this new perspective, you’ll start to see things either differently when you look at what is happening within your life and around you or you’ll close your eyes and keep swimming with these people.

At the same time though, when you are a “negativity attractor”, you also have to look at your own behavior and actions. It is not all on these other people. Somewhere down the line, these people and you get along. Where are your similarities? This is on you to find out, what I know is if there were no similarities, you would not hang around them and they would not hang around you neither.

Make sure before you attempt to talk with them or attempt to blame others for your circumstances, you take a look at yourself first and understand where it all come from. Then, you will be better equip to see what you have to do and who you have to talk with.

I would like to end this read by saying that fasting on negativity is something, I believe, everyone should definitely do from time to time. Not only because it would make your life more satisfying, but it could also help those who may have never considered such technique as a helpful retrospection tool regarding how they’ve understood or seen negativity before.

Fasting on food and drinks is a personal choice and so is fasting on negativity. The thing though is fasting on negativity can really provide you with great insights about yourself and those you choose to have around you.

Plus, if with your negativity fasting you realize you were a “negativity bringer” or a “negativity attractor”, then it will help you to find solutions in changing the things you now know as not being beneficial to yourself nor others.

It is very enlightening when you see things differently. When you are provided with a vision that has not been seen before, you’re able to absorb the information and make it your own. This is what I hope this piece did for you.

My contributing part in this world is to help people see and understand things from other perspectives and one way to support this vision is to provide you with this guide on negativity fasting.

Go ahead—start fasting on negativity and see for yourself how it will not only help you for the rest of your day, but can even help you for a longer period of time. A lot of things are going to make more sense now that you can see without your negativity glasses.

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