How Do You Transform?

Written by Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest

September 17, 2022

It’s been a while since I wrote an article. It was not because I lacked creativity nor the fact that I did not take the time to write — I wanted to rejuvenate my mind with new life experiences. I wanted to utilize part of the summer to freshen up my thoughts and embrace all the emotions I knew would be coming with the territory.

As the summer months came to an end, you and I don’t have to STOP transforming. We can still grow, learn, adapt, change our mind, and fall in love with what life has to offer.

This article will address what makes some of your transformations better than others but also how, on a daily basis, you can give yourself the gift of transforming.

But first, I have a few questions for you?

Do you feel TRANSFORMED?

Do you feel like you are not the same person you were a few weeks ago?

What about one week ago?

These three questions can be as deep as you want them to be or as superficial as you want them to be. You’ll be the one defining your transformation per your own standards and what you would like to achieve out of your days, but ultimately — out of your life.

Let’s dive in


The uniqueness of your experience


One way to begin this conversation is to think about what transforming means to you. Because let’s face it, I may have an experience that is extremely transforming to me yet it does not mean much to you or vice-versa.

Each transformation is subjective and unique. Each moment you’re experiencing is adding value to your life and the understanding of it.


Despite its subjectivity, I believe some of our transformations are more intense and noticeable than others.


In scenarios where your transformational experience is easily observable, there’re always something weird, random, or even unrelated to what’s happening in that moment. For example, this summer, I found myself at the proximity of the Pope during his Canadian trip. Was my encounter planned? Not even close. It so happened I was there, cell phone in hands and less than 7 meters away from him. However, when I look back on how the day unfolded itself, I realized there were no coincidences. As a matter of fact, it was not only how that day occurred but the interaction between this day and all the previous days before that made this papal encounter so special.

BUT sometimes,

The “vibes” or the “aura” around a situation does not seem optimal. As it is often said “You feel it in your gut” which often shows that something is about to go down despite not always knowing what it is. However, your gut is telling you that you better do something and do it quick because you’re about to get burn.

Do you listen?

At times you are, but sometimes you don’t. One thing is, in those moments, when you’re making your decision, you’re transforming.


Part of you will NEVER be the same.

Crazy huh? Maybe yet you know it’s true.

And because you’ve changed, your next moves may or may not surprise you. It is possible you start acting like a totally new person — literally. Or maybe, you would like to do a bunch of new things yet you’re a little bit uncertain, but then, something occur in your mind and you let yourself be who you wanted to be in that specific moment.

Repercussions? Possible but nothing seems to matter at that time. The only thing that counts is what you’re feeling which is — DIFFERENT.

The NEW you has emerged. Hello NEW you!


The gift of transforming


From my point of you, transforming is a gift. The fact we have the privilege to change our thoughts, actions, and emotions is still surreal to me.

Think about it for a minute, on a daily basis, you can choose to make your life better or worst.

You can decide to say YES or NO to situation and/or people. You can start feeling a certain way then choose to shift your emotional reaction. You can behave as good or bad as you want yet realize that your behavior may or may not be ideal.

If that is not insanely surreal then I do not know what is?

You can LITERALLY pave your way to a joyful, pleasant, and appreciative life yet turn around and pursue a mediocre, complaint-driven, and wasteful existence. To me that’s scary but it may only be me, I sure prefer and put my energy toward the brighter description above.

Let’s just say, you choose your way and I’ll choose mine, lol!

I’m kidding, but am I really? I do want you to cherish your presence in this world. I however am aware of the complications that life often provides. Where the importance of acknowledging the gift of transforming.

I never said transforming was easy and comfortable. I actually believe, in most cases, it is either extremely subtle and not immediately noticed or at times, exceedingly difficult where a lot of resistance is encountered.

Still though, when you begin revisiting your behavior, thoughts, and emotions a little more often, you can better analyze yourself and your circumstances. Which then leads you to understand (or still not yet) and see that you may or may not want to continue to pour energy toward what you are currently doing.

And out of that realization (again, you may still attempt to understand it all, it’s ok if you are), comes your transformational moment(s). Right there in front of your eyes!

MAGICAL is in it?




I would like to end by reminding you, in case you haven’t paid attention and/or choose to skip everything I mentioned above, lol… You’ve transformed plenty within those last few years and maybe even more in this last year and/or few months.

It may not always be visible as you may still be dressing up the same, walking around like you’ve always done it, or maybe you are still speaking with the same level of intensity and commitment— yet, you’re feeling different.

Your mind is NO LONGER the same. It has evolved. It will continue to change and transform as long as you’re willing to give it a shot. One of the best things to do then is — to let yourself live those changes by embracing your transformative process as much as you can.


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