The Psychology Of Your Restaurant

The Psychology Of Your Restaurant

When you choose to be in the restaurant industry, you understand there will be a lot of high and low moments.

There will be times when your team does not seem to get what you are saying. There will also be times when that same team is all in with your vision and wants to go the extra mile with you.

This industry is as real as it gets when it comes to performing under pressure. From that standpoint, the psychology of your restaurant can rapidly be sensed and observed.

What makes your restaurant real and authentic is not only its story and evolution. But, its people, the relationship between those working the floor, the tone that is deployed throughout the restaurant, its vision, and its chaotic moments.

However, it is not every restaurant owner who can build a powerful floor plan for their ideas, visions, and dreams to grow. It is not every restaurant owner who can have those within their establishment go the extra mile for them.

These specific details are analyzed, learned, and used to help restaurant owners become even better at “owning” their restaurants.


The Framework Behind The Psychology Of Your Restaurant

  1. What Is The Psychology Of Your Restaurant?
  2. Vision and Communication
  3. Performing Under Pressure
  4. Reframing The Chaos Mentality Of The Restaurant Culture
  5. Delaying Your “Cracking” moment

Why Do Restaurant Owners Need To Know About The Psychology Of Their Restaurants?

  • Because they have a vision they don’t seem able to communicate to their team.
  • Because of their inability to fully adjust to all the changes within the industry.
  • Because they are losing the trust and efficiency of their team.
  • Because they want to create a better and more proactive workplace environment.
  • Because they want to better assess their everyday decisions.
  • Because they want a team that cares and who is willing to go the extra mile with them.

Framework Descriptions

What Is The Psychology Of Your Restaurant?

Every restaurant has its own standards regarding how they function and want to move forward. However, despite having their own identity and rules, most restaurant owners still do not know or care to know what is happening within their walls. Hiring new people is good, but until you learn and understand the psychology behind each position within your restaurant, you will keep hiring because your best assets are continually going through the cracks.

Vision and Communication

The vision for your restaurant may be good, but if you are unable to explain it or find people to execute it, then you are left with a disorganized restaurant and disjointed team. Communicating your vision and talking with your team on a regular basis is essential. Although owners do not have to be in every meeting and micromanage their team, they still need to be present, share their input, observations, and future with their team.

Performing Under Pressure

Restaurants are known for being establishments that are constantly put under pressure. From owners to dishwashers, to cooks and chefs, to bartenders, to servers, and hostesses; every day is a pressured day. Everyone needs to pitch in. However, for your team to consistently perform at a high level, you need to understand their psychology. Without this important piece, your restaurant’s overall performance will eventually suffer.

Reframing The Chaotic Mentality Of The Restaurant Culture

The understanding within the restaurant industry is that no one, within the industry, can escape the chaotic energy that is consistently portrayed and talked about. However, with such stigma, it becomes more challenging for restaurant owners to cultivate a high-level energy environment and manage stressful situations. But by reframing what chaotic means and its effect on the synergy of their team, restaurant owners can strengthen their team’s belief and confidence in handling a high-pressure environment.

Delaying Your “Cracking” Moment

Restaurant owners are faced with multiple emotions on a regular basis. There are plenty of times when their stress level is increasingly high. When that occurs, most owners are poorly equipped to handle their anxiety. Which often leads to conscious and unconscious blowouts. When owners learn to appropriately delay their cracking moment, they can create a more trustful and proactive environment.

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Ready For Your Restaurant’s Assessment?

When restaurant owners choose to have the psychology of their restaurant assessed, they have acknowledged that help is needed.

They understand they no longer want to go the extra mile by themselves. At the same time, they know by being more accountable to themselves and their team, it is going to be an essential piece for their future success.

What To Expect On Your Assessment Call?

Questions pertaining to the current tone of your restaurant.

Questions pertaining to your team’s work ethic, effort, and level of responsibility.

Questions pertaining to your accountability level and communication skills.

Questions pertaining to your current level of stress and anxiety.

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