Things Have Changed Recently And Your Restaurant Will As Well.

Written by Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest

May 14, 2023

The restaurant industry has been hit hard in these last few years.

Everything changed. And your restaurant as well.

As a restaurant owner, do you see your restaurant changes as something that benefits the service and experience of your customers?

Or all these recent years’ changes are more of a headache that appears to upset your team, your customers, and yourself?

When all those unexpected changes happened in the restaurant industry, it totally

  • Paralyzed some owners and their teams.
  • Encouraged some owners and their teams to provide a better service and experience.
  • Traumatized some owners and their teams who ended up leaving the industry altogether.
  • Surprised some owners and their teams as they attempted to do the best they could even before.
  • Altered the industry

That’s the thing though, restaurant owners don’t know how they’re going to respond when faced with unexpected changes.

And they don’t know how those changes are going to affect their restaurant, their team, and themselves until changes have occurred.

That can definitely be something they are not comfortable with.

However, as owners, they know (should know and want to know) that the restaurant’s business is in constant loops of changes and adjustments.

It was not always the case. Or at least, the changes were not always as fast-paced as it is now.


  • People change.
  • Situation change.
  • Time change.
  • Things happen.
  • Worldwide transformation occurs.

It gets uncomfortable from time to time.

Restaurateurs who can see how those unexpected changes can help them are always better positioned than those who only see how those changes can destroy them.

Let’s make sure you’re in the first category of restauranteurs.

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