Who Do Restaurant Owners Turn To When Overwhelmed?

The restaurant industry is a high-pressure environment. From day to day, restaurant owners must ensure their restaurant and their team deliver great service while providing each guest with the best experience possible.

Unfortunately, when things do not go as planned, most restaurant owners are left with high anxiety as they are poorly equipped to handle their stress.

  • Restaurant owners should be able to receive guidance on how to “properly” handle their stress and anxiety without being told, “stress is part of the game.”
  • Restaurant owners should be able to vent their concerns without being criticized.
  • Restaurant owners should be able to talk with other restaurant owners who are going through similar challenges.
  • Restaurant owners should be able to share the vision they have for their restaurant without being fearful of who on their team agrees with them or not.

Our Venting With A Twist Mastermind does ALL of the ABOVE, plus MORE!

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  • It is a community where restaurant owners are encouraged to vent their frustration.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners’ ego is left at the door.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners can say what is on their minds without being judged.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners find solutions to their challenging situations.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners understand better what makes them stressed.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners get better equipped to handle stressful situations.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners learn to better express their vision for their restaurant.
  • It is a community where restaurant owners learn to communicate better with their team.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Meet on a call


Select topic to find solutions

Take notes and discuss solutions

Every two weeks, restaurant owners just like you

  • Meet twice a month on a virtual group call
  • Vent about what did not go well since their last attended call
  • Select during their pre-virtual call preparation which venting topic they want to find a solution to
  • Receive tips, guidance, and help from other restaurant owners within the mastermind
  • Share and discuss their insights and solutions
  • Get a FREE subscription to Venting With a Twist Newsletter (every Sunday)
  • Receive a detailed report with insights and questions (twice a month) based on the monthly virtual group calls
  • Set monthly goals that are shared, reviewed, and adjusted in between their monthly virtual group calls

Vent frustrations

Receive Guidance

Choose Plan of Action

As A Restaurant Owner Who Gets Overwhelmed Watch The Video Below


Venting With A Twist Mastermind IS for YOU if you are a restaurant owner who’s:

  • Always feeling overwhelmed
  • Tired of being misunderstood
  • Feeling that you’ve taken on too much
  • Feeling alone with your challenges
  • Unable to share or explain your vision
  • Not feeling supported
  • Not on the same page as your team
  • Looking for solutions
  • Wanting to learn from others
  • Wanting to help others learn from their mistakes

After joining Venting With A Twist Mastermind, you’ll become THE restaurant owner who

  • Can handle challenging situations
  • Does not let unexpected events control their everyday life
  • Understands setbacks can happen but no longer gets discouraged by them
  • Can have enlightened conversations with other restaurant owners
  • Believes in their ability to make their restaurant’s vision happen
  • Can better control and understand their emotional state
  • Can communicate better with their team

About Us

The restaurant world is not for the faint of heart. Owning a restaurant requires a lot of different skills that are often intertwined with one another.

Because of the nature of the restaurant industry, conscious and unconscious blowouts are part of most restaurant owners’ everyday life. Despite a clear need for restaurant owners to better understand their and others’ emotions, the restaurant industry seems to still ignore its importance.

As a former hostess, busgirl, and server, Martine uses her experiences to create a genuine relationship with her mastermind clients.

With her bachelor’s in Psychology and MA in counseling, she provides an authentic and safe place for restaurant owners to vent while helping them find solutions to their professional and personal challenges.

By listening, observing, and discussing with different restaurant owners, it became clear that owners need a community where they can vent their frustration. But more importantly, restaurant owners need to be shown how to cope with the highly emotional and stressful days they are faced with. It will help provide an environment where people want to work at their restaurant, which ultimately, will make people want to eat and return to eating at their restaurant.

Being a restaurant owner is not an easy task. Learning to handle your stress can be uncomfortable. However, any restaurant owner who wants to grow and see their restaurant deliver the service and hospitality that its clientele deserves wants to learn how to better handle their day-to-day decisions.

Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc


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